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For 12 years, I ran a Work & Travel Company in Australia & NZ called International Exchange Programs (IEP). 

We looked after thousands of backpackers from all over the world who came to Australia on a Working Holiday Maker Visa. And  sent thousands of Australians on such great outdoor adventures to USA, UK, Spain, Japan just to mention a few destinations. Internships, Outdoor Adventure Expeditions, & Camps.

Everyone over packed as much as my team and I warned them! When I was approached to distribute the new ION5 Toothbrush to Australians and New Zealanders, after a week of using it, my instinct kicked in.

It's a must. No toothpaste. No water. No floss. No impact on the environment. Lasts a lifetime. The brushes do need replacing.

Please take a moment to read the soladey website.

As I continue to pack my bags from one place to another.. this stays in my day bag, in its travel cap. I love it. Hope you do too. Give it a go! Money back guarantee if after 45 days you are not happy. 

The ION5 Toothbrush requires NO water. No toothpaste. No Flossing. Just needs Light to do its magic.

The new ION5 Toothbrush has just arrived on our shores. It is the re-branded JX3 soladey toothbrush. Given that there are cheaper Chinese copies,   this is the ORIGINAL Japanese design. Soladey is committed to keeping  the price price standardised worldwide. If you see a Soladey ION5 toothbrush cheaper please check in with us, you may be buying a copy which does not have the same effects.

It has aesthetic appeal and ease of carriage on your person or in your handbag by virtue of the design and simple protective brush case.  All worthy practical considerations in these busy times. 

The ION5 toothbrush has a titanium rod that runs through the replaceable bristle head into its handle. It is activated by light & your own saliva. It has a medical grade stainless steel body in 5 colors blue, coral orange, violet, charcoal and gum tree beige.  
Designed in tech-savvy Japan and now a leading development around the world, the ION5 is a new dental hygiene solution. Works on tough dental stains, encourages white teeth and the rod lasts a lifetime with care.  
Comes in 5 great colors, 2 brushes and a compact protective brush head cover.

We have a worldwide commitment to ensure the integrity of the product with a standardised price subject to exchange rates and freight costs. If after 45 days you are not completely satisfied, send it back to us for a refund.  


Further reading about the new ION5

The Minipresso is a must!

Portable Expresso Machine? Yup! Packing Light is our priority. One  full scoop makes a perfect espresso shot. We are always on the search for great travel gifts for campers, whether you are walking El Camino, hanging out under the stars, 4WD or travelling around our great country in style. Sustainable travel ideas.. Savvy right?


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